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Master Data is Everything

With data fast becoming your company’s most critical strategic asset, you need to ensure the influx of data in your SAP ERP system is properly maintained and controlled. Winshuttle’s SAP data management solutions allow you to automate data collection and validation processes, reducing manual work, and eliminating bad data at the point of entry.

Avoid business interruptions from bad data

Reduce cycle times

Implement data governance and stewardship

Standardize data processes and procedures

Empower data stewards to own SAP data through IT-enabled processes.

Winshuttle’s solutions for SAP master data management enable you to achieve high master data integrity with tools that automate data upload/downloads and implement workflows that automatically collect data from stakeholders.

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Easily create and update customer data using web forms and automated workflows for review and approval. Business users can perform mass updates from within Excel before uploading data to SAP, saving time and reducing errors.

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Streamline your SAP material creation and update process. Winshuttle allows you to validate data at the field level to avoid costly rework.

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Maintain high quality SAP vendor master data by easily collecting and validating vendor data from different business groups such as Sales, Supply Chain, Procurement and Finance.

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Automate and streamline the collection of new product data so that you can meet your SLAs and keep launches on track.

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Perform mass maintenance directly from Excel. Easily update and extract master data records without custom development or programming.

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Implement active data governance principles to proactively detect and correct bad data before uploading it to SAP.

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Carhartt streamlines SAP material master creation with Winshuttle.

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