Deliver compelling content with Multi-Domain MDM

Today’s commerce world keeps a fast pace. To compete, many of the largest distributors and wholesalers in the world turn to EnterWorks Multi-Domain MDM to master the complexities of data management, content enrichment, and vendor collaboration.

Address new market drivers with distribution MDM

New market drivers are putting pressure on today’s distributors. The proliferation of sales channels over the last decade has increased the volume of information distributors must manage about their products, customers, suppliers, and more. Furthermore, the current supply chain model for wholesalers and distributors is under fire as customers have the ability to circumvent traditional channels and go directly to the manufacturer or B2B marketplaces. These market shifts require distributors to take a proactive approach to mastering the data lifecycle with Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM).

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Food distribution

Food distributors face unique challenges around food standards and logistics management. MDM helps distributors remain competitive, efficient, and compliant.

Consumer goods wholesale

CPG companies rely on MDM to leverage high-quality data for personalized offers, brand messaging, and omnichannel experiences.

Office supplies & furniture

For the office supply industry, MDM makes partner collaboration, catalog creation, configurable products, and data syndication a breeze.

Building materials

Distributors routinely handle thousands, and even millions, of product SKUs. MDM helps distributors tackle building parts, materials, equipment, and more with a single trusted view of data.

Beauty & fashion

With the ability to create and enrich product content and digital assets, companies in cosmetics, fashion, and beyond are primed to experience the beauty of MDM.

Medical & pharma

For health-related product data, there’s even more at stake. MDM helps distributors meet medical safety standards and ensure life-saving goods are delivered when, where, and how their customers require.

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An Advanced MDM Platform for High-Quality Data and Syndication

EnterWorks Multi-Domain MDM helps distributors make operations more efficient and differentiate the commerce experience. While some companies struggle to keep up due to manual processes and outdated back-office systems, organizations that utilize Multi-Domain MDM can leverage combinations of product, customer, asset, and location-specific information to generate contextual data as a secret weapon to success.

The EnterWorks solution provides distributors with a complete set of tools to acquire, normalize, enrich, and syndicate data throughout the enterprise. Our market-leading platform includes innovative capabilities in areas ranging from data quality and embedded compliance standards to exceptional performance scaling that easily accommodates large distributors. With GDSN Major Release 3 (MjR3) certification, distributors can achieve a simplified syndication process to both GDSN and non-GDSN target locations.

EnterWorks’ MDM customers include some of the largest distributors and wholesalers in the world. These companies leverage EnterWorks to import data faster, enrich it through enterprise collaboration, and deliver it automatically in the format required by each selling channel. The platform also helps businesses advance from collecting data across single domains to connecting data domains together for insights and intelligence.

Improve supplier collaboration

EnterWorks Multi-Domain MDM with Supplier Data Domain helps distributors standardize vendor information and information across brands and geographies. Through improved collaboration, distributors can gain a wealth of product information that can then be enriched to meet customer needs.

to meet customer needs. Supplier Data Domain also helps distributors manage data related to the suppliers themselves – which improves supplier scorecarding, performance monitoring, and product availability.

Add insights with location data

Keeping track of data by location is crucial for distributors order to continue meeting the demand of their customers. Distributors can leverage Multi-Domain MDM with Location Data Domain to add the context of ``Where`` to other data domains – including Product, Supplier, etc. – to improve business decisions and analytics. Leveraging location data can also help distribution companies navigate supply chain challenges and respond quickly to product recall situations.

Take a proactive approach with asset data

Distributors can also benefit from an Asset Data Domain to manage information around physical assets, like equipment and delivery trucks, as well as intangible assets such as building leases. Maintaining asset data enables distributors to stay on top of time-based renewals and maintenance requirements to ensure safety standards are met and operations run smoothly.

Rely on a market leader

EnterWorks is the most powerful and flexible Multi-Domain MDM solution on the market today, backed by a team of experts providing unparalleled support and integrated innovation such as cloud deployment, Digital Asset Management (DAM), Adobe® InDesign & Publishing, Automated Workflow, Globalization, Syndication, and Supplier Portal.

Our market leadership demonstrates how our unparalleled Business-to-Business-to-Customer (B2B2C) collaboration capabilities enable retailers and brands to gain cross-domain intelligence and respond to the demand for rich, omnichannel content in the customer's channel of choice.