EnterWorks Enable

EnterWorks Enable™ is a powerful and flexible MDM/PIM software platform that allows you to deliver compelling, differentiated experiences for suppliers, partners, customers and marketplaces.

Deliver differentiated customer experiences across physical and digital channels.

Enable collaborative content creation across enterprises, social channels, and marketplaces.

Orchestrate complex B2B2C relationships throughout your Content Value Chain.

Support marketing, categories/merchandising, sales/store, supply chain and ecommerce.

Product Information Management (PIM)

Our product information management (PIM) employs a dynamic, flexible data modeling architecture.

  • Powers a content repository with unlimited data attributes, manages complex relationships between products and category/hierarchies, and deliver time-phased pricing management
  • Offers roles-based views tailored to each user with security and audit logs for accountability
  • Applies specific business rules for consistent, accurate sources of product content
  • Enhance search-ability across attributes, facets, images, and text

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Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Easily store, categorize and manage unstructured and external content.

  • Incorporate documents, images, audio and video files into your content assets
  • Associate items through one to one, one to many or many to one relationships
  • View images through user-friendly search and browse features
  • Leverage other DAM products that you may have installed in your company

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Multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM)

The MDM acts as the single source of the truth for data and content for supply & demand chains.

  • Tailor data domains to your business model and master/reference data preferences
  • Choose your domains (e.g., product, customer, brand, service, artist, regulatory, and location)
  • Integrate databases, systems (ERP, CRM, WMS, OMS), or customer/social networks
  • Extract, load, and scrub source information, publish/syndicate information to external entities

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