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Preparing for PIM

It’s essential to have a well-defined roadmap and implementation plan for your PIM or product MDM initiative. This e-book will help you lay the groundwork for this important undertaking.

PIM for Retailers

Watch this video to get an overview of how the EnterWorks product information management (PIM) platform enables retailers to create seamless and differentiated experiences to drive business.

Request for Information Template – PIM

This template provides questions your organization can use in its Request for Information for a product information management (PIM) or product master data management (MDM) system. Please add, omit, or modify questions according to your particular requirements.

PIM for Manufacturers

Watch this video to see how the EnterWorks product information management platform enables manufacturers to harness the power of data to drive on-brand, personalized product experiences across any channel.

Drive better customer experiences and incremental revenue with a strategic approach to PIM

If you’re responsible for ensuring your product content turns more shoppers into buyers across your channels, this eBook is for you. Read it to learn which technology platforms are essential for success and which strategies you need to implement to drive better customer experiences and incremental revenue.

Introduction to Product Information Management

Companies are facing unprecedented demand for rich product content and differentiated experiences, along with the need to keep up with a dynamic business landscape faster – and more efficiently. Learn how PIM can help you solve these challenges with a single source of truth across systems, channels, and internal/external audiences.

What is the product data ecosystem?

Understand the business and technology landscape of product data management and how you can take advantage of emerging themes across the product data ecosystem to gain competitive advantage.

Why the Right Product Information Management (PIM) is More Critical Now Than Ever

Watch this informative session with Winshuttle and Amplifi to discover how PIM can help you solve these challenges with a single source of truth across systems, channels, and internal / external audiences.

4 steps to drive customer value in the product data ecosystem

If you are thinking about a digital transformation or are already embarking on one, you are probably considering improvements to your product information management processes and solutions, or even investing in a PIM. This eBook will help guide you on 4 key areas of opportunity in this space, to ensure you deliver real customer value.

Holly Hunt – Building a Solid Foundation for Omnichannel Business

Jett Tackbary/VP Business Transformation at Holly Hunt shares how they took their high-touch, brick & mortar showroom business and combined it with a high-tech, dynamic omnichannel model to provide the ultimate customer experience.

Emerging trends in the product data ecosystem

Manufacturers, retailers, and distributors are needing to manage ever greater volumes of product data, as well as address increasing demands for more product information from customers. There are parts of the product data ecosystem that are critical to the successful management of product information and current trends suggest that four of these trends will have a significant impact on all sectors.

Digital Asset Management

Watch this video to get an overview of how the EnterWorks platform enables you to centrally manage your digital assets and create cohesive, on-brand product experiences.

EnterWorks PIM Platform Overview

Learn how the EnterWorks Product Information Management (PIM) solution, along with its groundbreaking Agile Data Fabric™, helps B2B and B2C organizations solve their product data challenges with a single source of truth across systems, channels, and internal/external audiences.

The Advantages of Multi-Domain MDM and PIM

Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) are the foundation of Information Management (IM). Although long regarded as two separate entities, data professionals are now also realizing the power of treating multi-domain MDM and PIM as interrelated disciplines, especially when it comes to leveraging data around products, vendors, and, most importantly, customers. John Jones, VP, CTO EnterWorks at Winshuttle joins em360 to shed light on the individual advantages of multi-domain MDM and PIM, plus the benefits of utilizing them collaboratively.

Johnstone Supply

Johnstone implemented PIM platform to centralize product Information using business friendly user interfaces. Download this document to find out how the Winshuttle EnterWorks platform provided Johnstone supply with a single view of their product information.

ROI of PIM and MDM

At the heart of MDM and PIM solutions is the ability to provide the “single view” of product data and content across the enterprise, which can reduce the complexity, cost, and time associated with multiple business initiatives and requirements.