Faster processes, better data

Winshuttle Evolve is the only automation platform specifically designed to digitize strategic data processes—like product launches, customer and vendor onboarding, GL account setup, and plant maintenance. Discover how this no-code, low-code platform enables you to drive results at scale, become more agile, and transform digital into a competitive advantage.

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Evolve product description

Learn more about how Evolve enables you to get faster processes and better data.

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Evolving digital into a competitive advantage

See why automating processes in your SAP ERP core is critical for the success of your digital transformation.

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Best practices for SAP automation

Learn the strategies, best practices, and questions to ask to build an impactful internal team that can speed up SAP processes.

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Everything you need to digitize strategic data processes, fast

Enterprise-grade automation

Build flexible workflows that can handle complexity and keep pace with a dynamic business landscape.

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Robust data stewardship

Get data right the first time and keep it right with an extensive range of data stewardship capabilities.

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Deep SAP integration

Get to value fast with rich out-of-the-box SAP capabilities that go beyond simple data connectivity.

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No-code, low-code software

Make an impact at scale and be more agile with software designed for business teams.

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Next-gen software built on our solid Foundation

Winshuttle Evolve is the next generation of our flagship automation platform, Winshuttle Foundation—software used by enterprise organizations across the globe to digitize complex data-intensive processes. We’re excited to deliver a new, state-of-the-art platform that encompasses over 15 years of learning—one that will enable our customers to drive more success in today’s fast-paced digital economy.

A unique combination of capabilities

Explore capabilities you won’t find in any other platform—all designed to handle the rigors of automating complex strategic data processes.

Digitize complexity with dynamic process linking

Build solutions that dynamically kick off the right processes and sub-processes to collect and approve data or complete tasks across multiple data objects.

Handle multiple records with patented SmartTables

Enable business teams to work faster and get more done by using unique SmartTable technology to create or update multiple related records in a single form.

Choose the right front end for your process—web forms or Excel

Give business users role-based web forms to handle one or a few related records or Excel workbooks for mass data management tasks.

Get more done with smart, tailored role-based forms

Deliver easy-to-use forms and use logic to enable business teams to work faster, get data right the first time, and comply with your procedures every time.

Be more agile with a flexible, extensible solution architecture

Support different process and data needs in one solution, expand your automation footprint over time and modify solutions quickly and easily.

Maintain control and provide audit trails

Manage user rights, data exchange policies, and more with granular control and run audit reports for both your processes and data.

Build powerful solutions with enterprise-grade automation

Build flexible automation solutions that dramatically reduce cycle times and increase visibility. Evolve includes enterprise-grade automation capabilities that enable you to:

  • Build flexible, powerful solutions with smart form logic
  • Speed up processes with parallel task assignments
  • Keep everyone on task with email notifications
  • Improve compliance by collecting documents, certificates, and other attachments
  • Keep processes moving forward with task reassignments
  • Build reports and dashboards with your tool of choice to see process status and keep projects on track
  • Build solutions that kick off the right processes and sub-processes with dynamic process linking
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Get better data with robust data stewardship

Build a range of data guardrails into your digitized solutions that ensure your data is right the first time. From defining field value choices to live validation and field standardization, Evolve provides robust data stewardship capabilities.

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Get to value faster with deep SAP integration

Digitize complex SAP processes faster and build high-performance solutions. Evolve includes a range of rich SAP capabilities out-of-the-box enabling you to:

  • Build data exchange scripts with a fast 3-step process
  • Build solutions quickly with SAP plugins
  • Bypass the SAP GUI for data entry
  • Respect SAP permissions & security
  • Validate data against SAP before posting
  • Use SAP F4 lookups in web forms or Excel
  • Exchange data fast with BAPIs

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Make an impact at scale with no-code, low-code software

Empower people in or close to the business without technical SAP programming skills to automate their processes, enabling your organization to digitize faster and at scale.

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It allows you so much flexibility to build in data governance, and route correctly to your business users. It provides business ownership capabilities that make the process very simple and allows users to easily get the work done on time.

Data Integrity Manager

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