Winshuttle Studio

Winshuttle Studio is a suite of powerful data management tools for updating SAP. With Studio you can easily create, extract and transform SAP data from familiar applications you’re already using. You can automate even complex business processes with just a few button clicks.

Excel to SAP

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Studio Product Brief

How Studio enables you to speed up manual SAP processes, improve data quality and maintain compliance.

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Customer interview:
Generac Power Systems

See how Generac saved more than 28,000 hours of manual data entry.

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Accelerate your SAP processes

Discover 10 ways that Studio helps you improve your SAP processes.

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Studio delivers benefits across your SAP landscape

Customer Master Data

See how to use Studio to manage your customer data.

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Vendor Master Data

Learn how Studio improves SAP vendor management.

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Materials master data

Discover how to improve material create and extend processes with Studio.

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Journal Entry

Discover how Studio improves journal entry and accounting processes.

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Common data management tasks with Studio

Data creation

Creating new master data (materials, vendors, customers, etc.) or transactional data (journal vouchers, invoices, etc) in SAP systems.

Data maintenance and transformation

Mass changes to SAP data throughout your ERP system for activities ranging from vendor updates to pricing changes and more.

Data migration

Loading legacy systems data into SAP applications during initial SAP implementation or for M&A activity.

Data integration

Loading Excel data from other sources into your SAP ERP system. Data such as vendor invoices or bank statements to name two.

Get centralized control and even higher productivity

Studio Manager is a powerful administration and governance platform for your Winshuttle Studio licenses. It enables you to get granular control over who can do what with Winshuttle software, share content, assign licenses, execute jobs from the server, and much more.

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We use the term ‘Winshuttling’ to refer to any solution that makes our lives easier. So for us, Winshuttle has become synonymous with problem-solving.

Manager of Supply Chain
Under Armour

Studio modules

Winshuttle Studio includes modules that deliver the features you need to improve your SAP processes. They are:


Automate data posting to SAP

  • Simple three-step process: Record, Map, Run
  • Speedy script development and easy deployment
  • Validate data before posting to SAP for higher data quality
  • Chain scripts together for complex, multi-step data management tasks

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Simplify data extracts and reporting

  • Create ad-hoc reports from real-time SAP data
  • Select multiple SAP tables, infosets or logical databases
  • Map data to Excel, Access or other file types
  • Schedule queries for convenience

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Run SAP processes easily and securely from Excel

  • Users manage SAP data without interacting with the SAP GUI
  • Execute previously creates scripts from within Excel
  • Minimize the impact of queries on SAP system performance

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Run SAP processes easily and securely from Excel

  • Leverage SAP APIs or remote enabled function modules
  • Use BAPIs for data creation, extraction and updates to SAP data

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