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Best Practices for Accelerating SAP Product Launches

If you work for a large manufacturer that uses SAP ERP and want to streamline your product launch process this eBook is for you. You’ll learn why increasing the speed and scale of your product launches is imperative and get concrete information on how to make that happen.


How to Build a Dynamic Data Governance Framework

Having high quality data is essential to running a successful business. How is your organization maintaining, correcting, enhancing, and controlling your data? Data Governance is often the answer, but many are still determining what data governance looks like, and how to get it set up and running in the organization. This e-book is an extension of the white paper “Introduction to Data Governance” and will outline what you need to address to effectively build your data governance framework.


Simplify your SAP Data Migration

Data migrations are common at any organization whether you’re migrating from manual paper-based systems or transitioning from one computer-based system of record to another. In this eBook, we will explore some of the core tasks associated with data migration and illustrate how Winshuttle can be valuable in each phase of your migration.