What we do

We solve process and data problems

We empower business teams to make their processes faster and their data better. And while that may sound simple, it takes just the right combination of data management and process automation capabilities —and we’ve been perfecting that combination since 2003.

Discover why over 2500 enterprise organizations across the globe trust our no-code, low-code software to drive business results at scale, become more agile, and transform digital into a competitive advantage.

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Data management

Take control of your core master data and drive better business outcomes with Winshuttle’s seamless suite of Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), and Master Data Management (MDM) capabilities.

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SAP automation

Change the way you work with SAP and get more from your ERP investment with Winshuttle’s comprehensive SAP automation portfolio that includes Excel to SAP, forms and workflow, and SAP-specific RPA capabilities.

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Explore how to work smarter with your SAP system