SAP & Excel

Update and extract SAP data securely

SAP users who work with enterprise data most frequently use Excel to create, manipulate, analyze, and store spreadsheet-based data for everything from simple lists to complex data manipulations and calculations.

Use Excel as a front-end to SAP

Winshuttle bridges the gap between SAP and Excel by allowing you to work from familiar interfaces to manage data in and out of SAP. Users can run Winshuttle Studio scripts for SAP Winshuttle Transaction or Query automation, SAP BAPI or SAP data queries completely from within Excel. By enabling users to move data from Excel to SAP, or extract data from SAP to Excel, Winshuttle users are empowered to work more efficiently and manipulate data in their own spreadsheets via a familiar and easy-to-use interface. Winshuttle integration conforms to generally accepted SAP security policies to ensure that any access or changes to SAP data are made in a secure, auditable manner – meeting the strictest governance requirements.

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Sample Excel template with Winshuttle add-in

Sample Excel template with Winshuttle add-in

SAP Excel

Easily move data between Excel and SAP

Winshuttle users have the flexibility of being able to use SAP Excel integration without compromising SAP security or SAP data integrity. You can move data from Excel to SAP, or download data from SAP to Excel without using a SAP user interface directly, and without needing to have any detailed knowledge of the underlying SAP transaction or data structure.

Increase efficiency and productivity

The ability to receive Excel spreadsheet-based data and quickly and accurately load it into SAP with speed and accuracy can be vital. This is especially true as organizations extend data capture and data collection processes to support business functions to a wider audience within the organization. Companies can increase productivity and gain a competitive advantage by spreading the SAP data work to users who lack deep SAP expertise, but who can move data between Excel and SAP.

Productivity Gains