Benefits Across the Business

Innovate at top speed

Successful businesses need to move faster than the times. Don’t let your business innovations stay bottlenecked by bad data.

Benefits across the business.

From the loading dock to the C-suite, businesses that use Winshuttle see results.

Senior Leadership

Rely on more trustworthy data for operations and key decisions

  • Orchestrate workflows that evolve as quickly as you pivot
  • Improve user productivity and cycle times for critical business processes
  • Stay informed with greater visibility into more reliable insight, and create better experiences for customers at service points (billing, product delivery)

Senior Leadership

IT, Business Services & DMO

Control data quality at the point of entry and avoid headcount costs

  • Improve data quality, process stability, usability, security, governance and control
  • Streamline workflow and processes with traceable approvals
  • Avoid headcount growth costs by empowering business owners to share workloads

Line of Business Owner or Functional Leader

Your team participates in process innovations that help you handle voluminous loads.

  • Use interfaces you already know like Excel and web forms
  • No need to remember logins or worry about T-codes
  • Create process automation that saves you time, without any required programming

Functional Leader

SAP Power Users

Business Power Users

Improve business productivity for all teams – including yours

  • Gain efficiencies to stop firefighting
  • Free up time to focus on extracting value from your most strategic asset: data
  • Maximize your ROI
  • Guarantee compliance

Accelerate your business velocity.

Automate best practices for data movement, governance and control. Winshuttle customers replace manual error-prone, data intensive processes with reusable automated processes and controlled workflows. Achieving quicker time to value never felt so easy.

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A unique product portfolio

Everything you need to get faster processes and better data.

Winshuttle Studio

Excel-to-SAP automation

Explore Studio

Winshuttle Evolve

Data-intensive process automation for SAP

Explore Evolve

Winshuttle Evolve

Multi-domain data hub and PIM

Explore EnterWorks