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Start fast, and move quickly with minimal disruption. Winshuttle helps your business lower the complexity of driving results. Using tools that everyone from your CEO to your new hires already know, you can harness the data you need to fuel your business.

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Select a key business process to improve like the order to cash cycle or how to bring new products to market. Choose a process that has established leaders and allows you to readily measure performance for best results.

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Quick wins

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Spread success

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Align silos

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Step 1

Aim for high impact quick wins

Focusing on identifying and correcting bad data at the source through data movement automation can provide widespread productivity gains. Concentrate on automating workflows where compliance is essential or where it’s crucial that your data governance policies are followed.

Collaborate on innovation

Winshuttle enables easy collaboration across teams that include business owners, IT, data management, and business services members. Business teams are empowered to share the workload with technical teams in their respective wheelhouse. Identify the team and leadership sponsors and proof points you’ll use to highlight wins.

Your plan for success: Automate. Measure. Control.

  • Map your process(es)
  • Determine automation points
  • Set performance metrics and goals, and measure your baseline
  • Record and distribute Excel templates with data validity checks using Winshuttle Studio
  • Automate workflows and governance with Winshuttle Foundation
  • Measure performance improvements
  • Protect data quality and integrity through continuous improvements

Spread Success

Armed with insight into what gains you can drive, extend your success across similar business processes or expanded geographies.

Utilize repeatable processes

  • Standardize and orchestrate across geographically dispersed teams.
  • Leverage your workflow automations and templates for processes that are used in different regions.
  • Analyze processes with similar flows and automate data movement or workflows there next.

Step 4

Align Silos

Create a productivity powerhouse. Reuse Winshuttle workflows and templates to replace error-prone manual processes in all of your business units or functional silos to maximize your gain.

Drive efficiency

  • Spread the benefits of fast data movement and better orchestration across your business
  • Reuse automated processes to ensure compliance and speed up audits
  • Work collaboratively to drive innovation through data governance and data quality improvements

Step 5

Transformational change is the sign of the times. To transform your mission critical processes, you need to maintain high volume, high velocity business operations with tight resources and a very narrow margin for error. Get there faster with Winshuttle.

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